Information from the SCC relating to Covid-19

This page is dedicated to information relating to Covid-19 and its effects on arbitrating at the SCC, the SCC secretariats operations.

Register on 临时的平台 free of charge 

任何 特别的 arbitration registered on the 临时的平台 during the COVID-19 outbreak will be free of charge for the full duration of the arbitration. This means that any arbitration registered by April 30, 2021 will have all fees waived in relation to the use of the platform. The date may be prolonged depending on the development of the outbreak.


UPDATE - our activities during the pandemic

Six months have passed since the SCC reorganized operations, moved home and adapted to the new situation caused by the pandemic. Everything changed, yet it has been business as usual.



Values, sailing and the Covid-19 response

Secretary General Annette Magnusson in SCC Forecast #6/20: The Covid-19 journey is not over yet. Adopting a sailor’s mindset could add that extra layer of resilience we all need.



e世博苹果 and operations at the SCC

临时的平台 – SCC Platform made available to 特别的 arbitrations globally

In a joint initiative to support the online administration of proceedings, the SCC and Thomson Reuters offer the SCC Platform to 特别的 arbitrations globally, 5月开始. Use of the 临时的平台 will be free of charge for arbitrations commenced during the COVID-19 outbreak.


e世博苹果 and COVID-19: Institutions speak with one 的声音

为了展示团结, international arbitral institutions today issued a joint message in the wake of the corona outbreak.


Video message from CAM, DIS, VIAC and SCC

Camera Arbitrale di Milano (CAM), 德国 e世博苹果 Institute (DIS), Vienna International Arbitral Centre of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (VIAC) and e世博苹果 Institute of the 斯德哥尔摩 Chamber of Commerce (SCC) in a joint video message related to COVID-19. 


COVID-19: Information and guidance in SCC arbitrations

This page provides information and guidance relevant to SCC arbitrations due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 and is directed to all, 现有的和未来的, participants in SCC arbitration proceedings.  

最后更新: 2020-03-27

The SCC is fully operational but working remotely. This text summarizes the measures taken by the SCC Secretariat to adapt to the COVID-19 outbreak. 



Delos provides list of virtual hearing resources

Numerous resources for holding remote or virtual arbitration and mediation hearings have been provided in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis. Delos发表了一篇有用的文章 list of resources, webinars and checklists, including an updated version of 自己的清单 published by Hafez Virjee of Delos 争议解决 and Maria Hauser-Morel of Hanefeld and links to, 尤其, the SCC panels on online hearings.


IBA Arb40

Technology Resources for e世博苹果 Practitioners chapter on Technology Tools to Support Virtual e世博苹果s



首尔的协议 on Video Conferencing in International e世博苹果 drafted by Kevin Kim (Peter & 金), Yu-Jin Tay (Mayer Brown), Ing Loong Yang (Latham & Watkins LLP), and Seung Min Lee (Shin & 金). The protocol provides useful guidance on the technical and administrative steps involved in preparing an online hearing.



The SCC’s aim is to maintain dialogue with the business and legal communities around the globe. The 鳞状细胞癌在线研讨会 is an initiative introduced to maintain the dialogue with our users and other stakeholders in international arbitration, if for whatever reason, we cannot meet in person. SCC将保持不变 live seminars during Spring 2020 open for registration by anyone. 研讨会 会被录下来吗 录音 及时提供.研讨会 can also be arranged 对需求 对组 

最后更新: 2020-04-16 

In line with many other organizations the 斯德哥尔摩 Chamber of Commerce follows the Public Health Agency of Sweden and their recommendations regarding the current Covid-19 outbreak in Sweden and globally. Currently, the SCC does not participate in any on site events. 计划好的事件,比如 the seminar on dispute resolution clause on March 31,有 被搬到网上.  


In times of closed high schools, the SCC aims to assist in the continued teaching through providing online seminars to all 瑞典 high schools. The seminar describes international arbitration and its role in international trade.